Member of a team leading young people to create this...


...Tiger / paper, fabric, glue / United Kingdom

Pauline + Shnubi

Pauline+Shnubi / papiermaché, paint /
Seufert-Ranch Hambach Germany

Mask in Action

Horse-Head-Mask in Action / papiermaché, fabric, paint /

Pointed Hut

Pointed Hut / branches, string
AWO Kindergarten Schweinfurt Germany

Pointed Hut

Pointed Hut / branches, string, hay

Bird-house I

Bird-House I / sticks, paint, string

Kids Studio

Bird-House I / gets painted bright.

Bird-house II

Bird-House II / sticks, willow, string
AWO Youthclub Schweinfurt Germany

Robin Hood Camp

Tree House / logwood, nails, paint

Guest Beds

Guest Beds / workshop with Christoph Roßner/Samuel Buttner
Youth-Art-Biennial at Water Castle Klaffenbach Germany

Hebrews 13:2

Bed IV / straw, branches, paint

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